The Doggietown USA Story

Denise's Dog Daughter, DaisyDenise Atkinson and Shannan Colletta are sisters who were raised surrounded with family pets and a genuine love for animals. They both always wanted to work with animals when they “grew up.”

Denise’s neighbor operated her own pet sitting business; this she thought, was the perfect business! Who could dislike being with dogs all day, walking in the beautiful Southern California sunshine, with clients that are always happy to see you? (They even drool!)

Denise started Beach Cities Pet Sitting with Shannan working for her full time. Meantime, Denise was still working in the computer industry while Shannan was having all the fun, so she decided to expand the business.

With Denise’s sales, business, and purchasing background and Shannan’s childhood experience spent at Mr. Harris’ ranch with a menagerie of animals, the sisters were the perfect combination. They wanted to be able to offer their clients alternative pet care that wasn’t currently available in Huntington Beach. From this thought, Doggietown USA was born; the first cage-free, dog daycare facility in Huntington Beach!

  • Laura


    Hello, I’m Laura, the Daycare Manager here at Doggietown. I have been here with Denise since Doggietown opened, in February of 2004 and I love it! At home my Husband Shaun & I have 3...

  • Kathy


    Hi there, my name is Kathy and I started working here at Doggietown in the summer of 2007.  I’m lucky enough to say that I actually love my job. When I first moved out dogs...

  • Teddy Cat ~ Official Greeter


    Teddy Cat is the official greeter of Doggietown USA. When she first came to live with us in 2010, we had intended on fostering her until we found a great home. She soon made it...

  • Melissa


    Hello, My name is Melissa! I started working here in August, 2015. At home, I have 3 dogs, named Shadow, Lionel, & Achillies; 1 cat named Lucy & a goldfish. When I’m not working, I...

  • Bree


    Hello, I’m Briana, I was lucky enough to join the Doggietown team in October of 2013. Every day I come into work eager to see all of the amazing dogs, I learn something new, as...

  • Matt


    Hello everyone! This is Matt! He’s been a part of the Doggietown family since early 2014. You can call him our professional small dog cuddler. That’s right, the teeny tiny kids are Matt’s favorite! His...

  • Veronica


    Hello, I’m Veronica! I started working here in May 2015. At home my pets include a hognose snake named Lenny, An Egyptian Uromastyx (type of lizard) Named Spike, and a Tarantula named Xena. When I’m...

  • Emma


    Hello, I’m Emma! I started working for Doggietown in May 2015. At home, I have 3 dogs; Ripley & Bella, are boxers, and Pork Chop, is a Boston Terrier. I also have a sulcata tortoise...

  • Cindy


    Hello, I’m Cindy! I have been working for Doggietown since August of 2015. At home, I have a dog named Jax; a chi-weenie that I rescued at 1 week old. Since working at Doggietown, I...

  • Delaney

    Delaney Bio2

    Hey! My name is Delaney and I have been with Doggietown USA since April 2012. At home, I have an awesome miniature long haired dachshund named Marvin. In my spare time I make music and...