• My dog Willy has been going to Doggietown USA since he was a puppy. In fact it is the only boarding/Kennel he has ever been to. I am so grateful for Doggietown and their wonderful staff because they take such good care of Willy, that I never ever, worry about him when he’s there. He is happy to go there, he is just a little tired when he gets home! I love hearing about Willy’s adventures and new friendships he’s made every summer. I don’t know what we would do without Doggietown USA, thank you so much!

  • Our 14 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, Adelaide, has been going to Doggietown for nearly 4 years. The staff is always attentive to her special needs as an older dog, and ensures that she has a safe place to play or sleep…whatever she chooses. Her cage-free daycare keeps her healthy, and after extended stays, she always returns home bright eyed and happy. Dog owners will not find more caring attention for their canine family members.

    Cliff & Tina
  • We were thrilled to find Doggietown, initially as a place to board our boys when we left town where they would be happy, and then as a locale to take them every so often so they could run and play in a safe environment. It soon became necessary to have them there more often as we were unable to give them the exercise they need. All the employees love dogs and treat them as if they were their own. They give extra care when needed and we would be lost without them. Morris and Murphy are so happy when they get to spend the day at Doggietown. We are very grateful that Denise opened this business and hires the wonderful people who work there!

    Bob & Gloria
  • Our boys have been coming to Doggietown since it opened. To this day they still run to the ‘red door’ when they arrive and are ready to greet the staff with wags and kisses! We love Doggietown!

    Andy & Chre

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